Chester County Ground Zero for Presidential Election


There’s a political tug-of-war in every election, but the dynamics of this year’s presidential race have shaken the game to its core, and a staunchly Republican Chester County has suddenly become Ground Zero for the muddy grind of the battle for the White House.

The wildcard is, of course, Donald Trump. While the renowned real estate mogul has drawn waves of moderate voters to the Republican Party, Chester County’s brand of voter is caught in the crossfire.

“Moderate, highly educated Republican voters haven’t made their minds up,” GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio said in a Politico report by Katie Glueck. “Every phone call I have, it’s the same conversation. The media will ask, ‘Why isn’t Donald Trump winning yet?’ It’s the same issue he’s having in other states — it’s that type of voter.”

Those voters gave Mitt Romney his only suburban Philadelphia win four years ago. Those voters have backed nearly every Republican presidential candidate since 1860 — the exceptions are 1912, 1964, and 2008.

“White, highly educated women, white, college-educated men — that’s Chester County. You could take that label off and put the county in its place; that’s what we are,” former GOP Chair Alan Novak said.

Read more about the tug-of-war among Chester County’s 516,000 voters on Politico here, and check out previous VISTA Today election coverage here.

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