‘Veteran’s Only’ Removal Company Signs National Partnership with Relocation Remedies

JDog Junk
Veteran Opportunity Partners has launched in partnership with JDog Junk Removal and Hauling to provide additional business opportunities for veterans.

Berwyn’s JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, which is dedicated to creating post-military career opportunities for veterans, has signed a national partnership with Relocation Remedies. This gives it preferred vendor position for Relocation’s discard and donate corporate relocation services across the country.

Relocation Remedies assists employers who need to relocate by organizing, sorting, and removing items they would prefer to discard and donate instead of shipping them to their new location.

“Our goal is always to donate as many items as possible, while responsibly discarding the items that are unable to be donated,” commented Daniel O’Neill, Director of Operations for Relocation Remedies. “We are proud to partner with JDog and help support their commitment to veteran employment.”

JDog franchises are operated exclusively by military veterans and their family members. The franchise’s camouflage vehicles and trailers are easily recognizable as are its employee’s military-style uniforms.

The company, which recycles and repurposes a significant amount of the collected material, works closely with local and national organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, as well as local schools, churches, and hospitals to donate useful items to those in need.

“The collaboration with Relocation Remedies offers an additional platform for our franchisees to succeed in their local communities and entrust Relocation Remedies customers with our quality service,” said Kevin Kopa, JDog’s Vice President of Quality Assurance.

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