New Buyers Step in to Salvage Steel City Coffeehouse & Music Venue in Phoenixville

Less than a week after closing its doors, Steel City has been salvaged by new buyers and will continue serving coffee and music to Phoenixville.

A renowned Phoenixville coffeehouse and venue will not be left to rust; new buyers have stepped in to salvage Steel City and keep its music playing.

Grassroots Marketer’s Laura Vernola and Ed Simpson agreed to reopen the business less than a week after it closed its doors, according to a Daily Local News report by Eric Devlin, and previously scheduled musical guests are being added back to the venue’s calendar, starting with Ben Arnold on June 16.

“Steel City is such a staple,” Vernola said in the article. “It’s a loved venue in the community, and as soon as it came up, it couldn’t have been a better fit. We’re both music lovers, we’re both food lovers and we’re both coffee lovers.”

“Ultimately, we all agree that Steel City deserves a fresh start and a clear new vision,” former co-owner Eli Wegner said.

Read more about Steel City’s new fate in the Daily Local News here.

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