Vertex Announces A Gradual Transition In Leadership

David DeStefano will transition to President at Vertex.

Berwyn based Vertex Inc., a leading provider of corporate tax software and services, has announced that it will start making changes in leadership from next year.

President, CEO and co-owner Jeff Westphal will transition to CEO and Chairman of th

Jeff Westphal.
Jeff Westphal

e Board of Directors, while David DeStefano will move to President, with both changes effective January 1, 2016.

On January 1 the following year, DeStefano will assume the role of CEO and become a Director on the Board, while Westphal will remain Chairman of the Board as well as co-owner of Vertex together with Stevie Westphal-Lucas and Amanda Westphal-Radcliffe, the other two shareholders.

Founded in 1978, the leadership change for the company with over 850 professionals employed across the globe, marks the first leader who is not a member of the family. The planning for this historic transition started five years ago and followed a detailed process that included the company’s senior leadership.

“We are confident that David DeStefano will steward Vertex in its continued success and the full realization of a new era of remarkable growth,” stated Jeff Westphal. “I have enjoyed my role in leading the transformation and recreation of the company as a truly collaborative and innovative operation. I look forward to seeing David maximize Vertex’s potential through the incredible opportunities in front of us.”

Board member Terry Kyle also welcomed DeStefano, saying that “David is a leader who has been a full partner in the development of our core business strategy, and we are confident that he is the best person for the job as we work to achieve our full potential.”

Having joined Vertex over fifteen years ago, as Chief Financial Officer, DeStefano is currently Executive Vice President and a member of the Executive Council, the department responsible for long-term strategic and financial viability of the company and its corporate brand and culture.

“I am honored and incredibly excited to take on this role, and will work diligently to ensure Vertex’s continued success,” said the future President of the company. “With Vertex Enterprise, Vertex SMB, our global expansion, and our remarkable growth in the managed services arena, Vertex is in an exciting phase and I’m looking forward to stewarding our company into the future.”

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