Omne Solutions Fits Businesses with Tailored Applications

The guys behind Omne, from the left: Reid Cohen, Consultant, Spence Varadi, COO, Tom Guidotti, CEO, and Jeff Rodgers, CTO.
Tom Guidotti, CEO, and Jeff Rodgers, CTO.
Tom Guidotti, CEO, and Jeff Rodgers, CTO.

It’s a gritty business, scraping together the complex stuff that visionary dreams are built on, but Media’s Omne Solutions has assembled the kind of team that turns rough-hewn ideas for web and mobile apps into precious, polished gems that are customized, simplified and seamlessly integrated with powerful interactive tools.

“Omne is a back-end development firm; we focus on one thing and one thing only: creating top-quality web and mobile applications for our clients,” CEO and chief salesman Tom Guidotti said.

The now-eight-person company was spawned from the March 2015 collision of two local entrepreneurs and weeks of scrappy strategizing in an unfinished basement with whiteboards screwed over top raw OSB particle boards.

The premier application developer is still comfortable in that setting, where visions are put together one piece at a time. But now it’s got results that could line those bare walls with impressive success stories. One client was in over its head on a complex app riddled with errors and incongruent software integrations when “Omne came in and took the project over,” Guidotti explained; “we started by identifying what the major issues were with the application and created a stronger foundation.”

Tom Guidotti, Chief Executive Officer and Sales Leader at Omne.
Tom Guidotti, Chief Executive Officer and Sales Leader at Omne.

Under pressure to have it ready for the grand opening of the client’s new business location, Guidotti’s team, led by Omne Founder and chief developer Jeff Rodgers, “worked around the clock to get the task done within the allocated time” and under budget, with a detailed reporting of time spent — evidence of Omne’s conviction of providing transparency. “We finished in time for the grand opening and the client was and still is happy. Now we are planning the next phase of projects.”

Other key Omne values focus on “growing together in the modern age” through scalable solutions that are easily updated and contextualized with forward-thinking next steps, which means the firm has cultivated a rich network of partner technology providers.

“Omne prides itself on the ability to solve most of our clients’ problems; however, we do not have every answer in the world and are not afraid to admit when a project is over our heads,” Guidotti said. “… Omne would rather a client’s problem be solved than ‘make a quick buck.’ We know exactly what we are great at and what we are not great at. This method not only helps us build strong relationships with clients but also with other businesses in the area.”

And every product comes with ironclad security and the pursuit of an ongoing client relationship well after the app is finished.

“Each application gets our basic security precautions, and depending on the client needs, we add extra measures when needed,” he added. “We also offer consultation to each client to make sure that what they want their application to look like, feel like and act like, we can find that and make sure everything the client wants is achieved.”

With today’s lightning-fast speed of business, chances are good that what companies need next is better technology, and Omne can make an app for that.

“In the next 5 or 10 years, you’ll continue to see the ‘Internet of things’ start to include more and more smart devices that are able to access an ever increasing array of web applications that will become more and more available to small businesses through subscription based services,” said Guidotti, “whereas they may have only been available to larger companies that could afford the development costs associated with creating more traditional applications. We’re in the vanguard of changing that.”


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