Bright Future For Both Chester County And 135-Year-Old Law Firm MacElree Harvey

MacElree Harvey
Left to right are Louis N. Teti, Esq., Duke Schneider, Esq., Joseph A. Bellinghieri, Esq., John F. McKenna, Esq.

The wisdom of 135 years has produced an unparalleled richness of tradition, knowledge and pride at Chester County’s MacElree Harvey law firm, but its 32 lawyers are just as enthused with its youth and optimism about the future.

“I am excited about the young people we have keeping up the traditions,” the firm’s patriarch, William Gallagher, said in a recent Daily Local News feature. “I am also excited to see the firm’s culture and the firm’s philosophy being continued.”

The spirit of MacElree Harvey is infused with the values of public service, diversity, empathy and opportunity. And it aims to grow responsibly and serve generously right along with the county as a whole.

062415MacElreeHarvey“The challenges become more numerous and focused as we use and try to preserve our land,” Land Use Chair Brian Nagle said in the article. “Chester County has done a wonderful job of trying to be on the forefront of land planning and land preservation.”

Land use fits in along with business law, criminal defense, estates and trusts, probate, family law, litigation and personal injury as areas of expertise within the firm — an estimated 95 percent of all legal territory. And it serves Chester County with offices in both West Chester and Kennett Square, along with outposts in Doylestown and Centreville, Del.

“I think we are in a great spot in terms of the legal talent we have here,” 20-year attorney Tim Rayne said. “We have a lot of good young lawyers coming up. I think the future is bright for us.”

And judging by the example of MacElree Harvey leaders, that means a bright future for the community too.

As an avid mentor, Estate Department Chair Lou Teti models how to come around to the client’s side of the table and be empathetic, as well as how to give back.

“I think empathy is huge,” he said. And “… it’s the height of selflessness to give back of your stock in trade.”

Teti himself has volunteered as a leader of the Chester County Community Foundation, Malvern Preparatory School, the Foundation at Paoli Hospital and Bishop Shanahan High School.

Read much more about the law firm’s 135-year legacy and what’s in store for both it and Chester County in the future, all in the Daily Local News here.

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