DuckDuckGo Pushes For Internet Privacy, Open Source Code

Duck Duck Go Gabriel Weinberg
Gabriel Weinberg, Founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo.

Recent research shows that concern over online privacy is trending up, and the fast-rising Paoli search engine DuckDuckGo is riding that wave while also fueling a shift toward open source software.DuckDuckLogo

Network World recently highlighted DuckDuckGo’s milestone achievement of attaining 9 million searches per day and being included in the Firefox and Safari browsers as well as the small company’s six-figure donations to open source projects.

“We think that people generally do not want to be tracked, and if they can get both a great experience and great privacy then they will make the switch,” Founder Gabriel Weinberg said in the article.

… We have everything you expect without all the tracking that leads to all those ads that follow you around the Internet. We focus on an overall better search experience with smarter instant answers, less clutter and real privacy.”

And DuckDuckGo’s investment in the open source technology stems from a long commitment to the use of open source solutions.

“The motivation is straightforward: Since we rely on a lot of great free and open-source projects to run our company, it makes sense to contribute and help these projects grow and flourish,” Weinberg said.

Read more about the trend toward online privacy and Weinberg’s own software selections for safeguarding his Internet activity in Network World here.

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