Malvern’s USA Technologies Helps Double Apple Pay Footprint

USA Technologies
The quick adoption of smart phone payment technologies has been an unexpected boon for USA Technologies.

The secret weapon in the speedy acquisition of 200,000 locations now accepting Apple Pay is right here in Malvern: USA Technologies.

The pioneer of cashless, wireless payment systems helped double Apple Pay’s footprint right off the bat.

“The locations that we brought to the merchant portfolio for Apple Pay are right in the main wheelhouse of our business: that’s in self-serve or unattended retail,” Chairman and CEO Stephen Herbert said in a article. “Those locations include things like vending machines, parking kiosks and commercial laundry – and they’re located in many, many places. There’s a certain ubiquity associated with the locations that our customers operate in – they’re at colleges, airports, corporate campuses, amusement parks, factories, military bases.”

And USA Technologies is already looking beyond the expansive rollout of the new mobile payment system to loyalty programs and what might be the next step into the future.

“We believe we’re very much ahead of the curve in terms of being able to add to something like Apple Pay the ability to bring those exciting things to consumers,” Herbert added. “Loyalty is one of them, but I think what consumers might value more, based on the research we’ve seen and where loyalty is headed in general, are some of the more forward-looking things like location-based offers.”

Read more about the technology behind the Apple Pay rollout in here.

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