Malvern Company Uses Your Phone To Unlock Kiosk Opportunities

USA Technology
courtesy of Mobile Payments Today

Hello smartphone and goodbye kiosk? Not so fast.

A Chester County vending machine payment provider sees mobile devices more as partners with a new generation of more sophisticated kiosks than as threats to their future.

Lori Salow Marshall
Lori Salow Marshall

In addition to paying with your mobile device, Malvern-based USA Technologies recently forged a partnership with BYNDL to make that mobile-kiosk connection more valuable through coupons, special offers and rewards.

“Because mobile apps capture information about consumers, they display a profile of each user,” said BYNDL CEO Lori Salow Marshall in a Mobile Payments Today article.

“This means that, when a mobile vending app communicates with a kiosk, the interaction can bring up content that is tailored to the consumer’s interests. … Companies should think of mobility as another vehicle to deliver their brand and services to customers and use all the delivery vehicles at their disposal — kiosks, tablets, smartphones — to provide outstanding customer experience.”

Read more about the opportunities with mobile devices and kiosks in Mobile Payments Today here.


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